Remove 20 Meters?

Of a 1.3-kilometer stretch of the Berlin Wall?


And you can still find 300 people who care?

The real issue: This is being done to build a road to a new luxury condominium so, well, the yuppie scum must be behind it again.

“Does culture no longer have any value?”

3 responses

  1. A) The East Side Gallery is not “weltbekannten”, by any stretch of the imagination and…
    2) It’s got to be those mentally underdeveloped “public art enthusiasts” that have to be behind this, not historical preservation and nitpickery types.

    As far as they’re convcerned EVERY WALL can be an “East Side Gallery”. In fact too much of Berlin is a graphiti-encrusted
    and frankly, hardly a soul cares about it any more insofar as hardly anyone visits it. I can’t help going to that area, but it isn’t out of common everyday touristic interest, but because I have a strange attachment to that part of history having lived in the DDR as a yout.

  2. The newspapers describe it as if these artworks were painted on the Berlin Wall when it actually WAS the Berlin Wall, i.e. during the separation. Not true: these street art pieces were painted on abandoned parts of the former Berlin Wall in the 90s – by, among others, professional artists like U2’s designer. And these ‘public art’ people are very professional when it comes to issues like the copyright of their ‘public’ artworks.

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