More German Gun Control In Action

Germany’s gun control laws are some of the most restrictive in Europe. Unfortunately, not all armed criminals and nutcases who live here appear to have been properly informed.

Gun control

Some idiot just killed three people and injured three more near Aachen, before shooting himself into a coma.

Shootings like this happen quite regulary in this country. Nobody likes to address the issue, other than to suggest introducing even stricter gun control laws, but it happens here quite regularly all the same.

Discussing shootings that take place in US-Amerika, on the other hand, is a downright popular obsession here. This is because Germans feel that Americans need more gun control legislation like the Germans have here in Germany, get it? Me neither.

Der Hintergrund des Amoklaufes ist noch unklar. Man könne nur spekulieren, sagt der Oberstaatsanwalt.


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  1. I’ve always felt that there should be stricter shoelace control legislation (thanks for both of those links). Or, while we’re at it – I’m thinking about the Boston bombings now – we need to consider introducing stricter pressure cooker laws. My point should be clear here: If you’re a criminal or a nutcase (and criminals and nutcases are usually the perpetrators here), you can have all the laws you want. It’s absurd to think you can stop them in this way. It’s a folly.

  2. Ian, I am skeptical about the Wasington Post article. The key word is “homocides.” Germany does not have such a broad category. It is either murder (Mord) or manslaughter (Totschlag). A year ago, a distant relative of mine decided to blow away his Hartz IV renter with his hunting shotgun because the local court said he should not pay rent because he was unemployed. The Polizei categorized the “homocide” as manslaughter. I am sure there are many manslaughter “homocides” left out of the German statistics.

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