Harrowing Scenes Involving Nazis?

In a Wagner opera? What will they think of next?


I mean, it’s not like Wagner could ever be accused of having been an anti-Semite or anything.

The Rheinoper, based in Dusseldorf, said some of the audience had to seek medical help following early performances of Tannhauser.

But the producer “refused” to tone down the staging, set in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

“With paramount concern, we note that some scenes (especially the shooting scene) were depicted very realistically.”

PS: Speaking of needing medical attention, happy Vatertag already!

2 responses

  1. It is very nice to discover that you are still at it, dear Hermann, and haven’t mellowed one bit. All the others seem to have retired to facebook (douchebags!) or given up completely, me included. So are you going to Bayreuth this year? I hear it is the year to do it. Even the Met had a new production of Rheingold, although I doubt that they used SS uniforms. And Hollywood, if you ask me, should be eternally thankful to Wagner. At least as thankful as Disney is to Ludwig II for building Neuschwanstein, which was by the way an homage to Richard Wagner. Since my name is Cosima, I thought I should mention it. How is my birth city these days? Are you still in Berlin?

  2. Hi Cosima! Long time no read. Too bad you’re not still “underwater” and all that anymore, but I can certainly understand it. Hey, when the time comes to quit posting the time comes. But with me it’s different because I’m one sick puppy and this is my own private Idaho-like obsession (hence obsession of the day) and I’m just kind of krank (American pronunciation) in general, I guess. Or way too normal is more like it. Berlin is still mega-ultra-Hammer-cool, of course, although I’m more of a virtual “observer” and less of an actual participant. When I watch reports on the Tageschau about stuff that happens in Berlin I feel like it might as well have taken place in Tokyo or who knows where else sometimes. Then I remember that Berlin is HERE. Hope you are doing well, wherever you are.

    PS: Ich? Go to that Wagner shindig? I’m not in that crème de la crème crowd (I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy…). And I’m not a freakin’ zillionaire, either.

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