German Of The Day: Bausünde

Bausünden are building sins. Or building blunders? Or architectural abberations? Whatever. Berlin knows how. It’s just what they do here.


Photographer Turit Fröbe has now published an illustrated book about some of the most awful abberations, which must have been pretty difficult to compile. I mean, there is just too much to chose from here.

I love them all, by the way. The more sinful the better.

“Gute Bausünden zu finden, ist viel schwerer, als man denkt.”

One response

  1. Walter Gropius, the architect and founder of the Bauhaus, taught at Harvard and founded the Cambridge School of Architecture. Many of his sins are dotted throughout the Boston area, including Boston’s JFK federal building. His ultra modernist personal home is located in one of the most elitist Boston suburbs, a poignant statement from a former socialist.

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