Please read the following out loud in that classic monotone el cheapo Hollywood movie robot voice:


We are all robots here. No one talks. It is ghostly quiet here in the Amazon warehouse.

We are forced to wear these weird orange signal jackets. Amazon wants us to hand over our brains at the door once we enter here. There is no turning back.

Only the customer is allowed to have any individuality.

Everything is fully conform. Every step is standardized. Deviations would disrupt the calculation.

They have got me so far that I now do everything they say (just like I already do outside when watching the Tagesschau or when reading Spiegel Online).

I have no free will. We are all victims and are being ausgebeutet (exploited) to an unbearable degree. This is Kapitalismus pur or something. Oh my God we are all going to die. No, wait. We are dead already.

“Mich haben sie jetzt so weit. Ich mache, was man mir sagt.”

2 responses

  1. I lived two years in Bad Hersfeld, where the Amazon operation is located. There are not many jobs in that region. Many people commute to Frankfurt to work, which is 100 Kms away. I cannot believe that any local would want Amazon to leave.

    • I doubt that too, Murph.

      And it’s strange. When it comes to employment here in wonderfully egalitarian Germany, you are either “in” (well paid, benefits, a nice raise every year – think Volkswagen) or “out” (poorly paid, no benefits, not even a permanent contract – think call center).

      If you ever fall out of the “in” job, you’re bound to stay out because those jobs are disappearing here just like everywhere else. It’s like a big giant wall you can’t climb back over again.

      Having said that, and having read the article, I’m amazed at how well these “out” Amazon folks here are paid (1,900 gross). That is very good pay here in Berlin, at least. I know, every region is different and Berlin is probably the low wage capital of Germany, but I’m surprised they are as dissatisfied as that article (or the union behind this) makes them out to be.

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