Criminal Failed To Register Stolen Revolver Before Killing Girlfriend And Self

Gun law-abiding Germans everywhere where shocked to discover today that a criminal in Münster had failed to register the revolver he had stolen before turning the weapon on his girlfriend and himself.

Gun control

“I’ve seen it all now,” one enraged passerby at the scene of the crime commented. “What good are stringent gun control laws if the criminals out there these days don’t have the decency to abide by them?”

“Don’t these idiots know that if you don’t register your stolen weapon it could be immediately confiscated and you’d probably be hit with a big honking fine?” Another irrate citizen chimed in. “And how the hell are the police going to be able to track down and arrest crooks like this if they don’t even know where to find them? And they haven’t killed themselves first, I mean. Ever think about that? The cops aren’t magicians you know.”

Der Revolver, mit dem der Mann schoss, stammte aus einem Einbruch in einem anderen Bundesland.

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  1. This will not affect Germany’s very low murder rate. A suicide is not murder. So the BKA (Bundes Kriminal Amt) will not report the suicide as a murder statistic in next year’s report. The girl friend, now that’s a tricky question. Wait a minute, it was a crime of passion. It was not a murder, but a classic case of Involuntary Manslaughter (Totschlag). Germany will be able to rule out two homicides as murder, and Germany will continue to be able to brag that their murder rate is one fifth of the U.S. Amerikanern.

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