German Soldiers Just Can’t Take It Anymore

That’s why 6000 of them (half the German army?) have now put in for early retirement.


No war is hell, too.

Flexibles System der Kinderbetreuung, mehr Tagesmütter für Randzeiten, Teilzeitmöglichkeiten mit einer Drei-oder Viertagewoche in der Familienphase, ein Lebensarbeitszeitkonto für Überstunden. Auch will sie sich das System der nahezu automatischen Versetzungen alle zwei bis drei Jahre „genau ansehen“ und Schluss mit dauernden Ortswechseln machen.

PS: And thank goodness this just came in. Here are the top 10 places for Frührentner (early-retirees) and other retiree types to, well, retire around at (International Living Annual Global Retirement Index 2014).

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  1. What can I say, Stu? We’re talking about an army that isn’t allowed to go to war (hunt down and kill the enemy). I can understand why these well-trained soldiers are unhappy. They’re in a ridiculous position. What remains for a lot of them to do? Just milk it for what you can and get out as quickly as possible. Must be very demotivating. That this whole alibi army scam thing is only here to feel justified in selling German weapons all over the world (number three exporter) is another matter. I think they ought to be honest enough with these people to just disband the whole thing and keep selling their weapons anyway. They can have other friendly nations test them for them, if that’s the problem.

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