German Thoroughness Grossing Refugees Out

It’s taking too long to get their asylum papers processed, you see. So now they’re suing. And winning, of course.


A Somali man has won his suit against the German government for failure to act on his asylum application. Despite their increased workload, the federal office for refugees now has three months to decide his fate.

It’s one thing to flee for your life and seek refuge in a country that is apparently willing to help you out. It’s quite another thing to actually have to wait for months until your paperwork gets processed. That’s unmenschlich (inhuman) or something. Just call Larry the Lawyer. He’ll make it happen.

“Sie behandeln uns wie in Syrien.”

2 responses

  1. German towns need to take possession of, and tear down any structure that the federal government can make into a “refugee center” as soon as possible.

  2. Wouldn’t that mean tearing down public housing too? I heard they’re kicking out their own poor now to make room for the “refugees”. (yeah, call me racist or something, but my family and I have seen our fair share of refugees…most of those folks look a little bit different from our experience, but this could just be my own, hillbilly close-mindedness and lack of nuanced sophistication)
    Whatever it is, I’m sure that’s going over well.
    Just don’t send them here, or make us deal with it over there — cool?

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