Why Are Germany’s Public Broadcasters Raising Their Mandatory Fee?

Because they can.


It will be going up soon enough from 17.50 euros to 21 euros. Whether you even own a TV or not. The excuse this time: They are having trouble cutting costs within the time frame they had promised. There you have it; a state-run monopoly financed with mandatory fees from a public that is never asked if it wants to watch its party line programming or not. I don’t get it, either. How could an institution like that ever have trouble cutting costs?

Bis 2029 sollen die Rundfunkbeiträge von heute 17,50 Euro auf 21 Euro steigen. So jedenfalls wollen es ARD, ZDF und Deutschland-Radio. Und begründen das ausgerechnet damit, ihr Einsparvolumen bis 2024 sonst nicht erreichen zu können.

4 responses

  1. I imagine it will help the muslims get free cable so they can integrate and watch all the new muslim stations that will be coming.

  2. They need more money for the Rosamunde Pilcher Teams and all the other useless ones traveling world wide propagating the socialist state news agenda.

  3. Rosamunde Pilcher is the only stuff I like, A.K. No, but really, you pay them to bran wash you. And there’s no way around it. And nobody cares. It’s kind of eerie. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something. At least in the US you can pick your own brain wash poison yourself, commercials included.

    • As you know “mit dem Zweiten, sehen Sie besser” or translated “with the socialist brainwash TV paid for by Michel, you will know more about why you are paying the most for almost nothing. Those zich weatherfrogs are expensive too.

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