German Of The Day: PESCO

That’s actually English and stands for Permanently Stalled Cooperation, I think. It is the EU’s attempt to move closer to having permanent joint European armed forces.


But they’ll never manage this, of course. Most European nations don’t even live up to their NATO obligations right now.

Seit vielen Jahren ringen die Europäer um eine gemeinsame Verteidigungspolitik, der Erfolg war bisher äußerst überschaubar. Das aber könnte sich nun ändern: Am Montag haben die Außen- und Verteidigungsminister von 23 der 28 EU-Staaten dem Europäischen Rat mitgeteilt, in der Verteidigung künftig gemeinsame Wege zu gehen. Zumindest vorerst nicht dabei: Dänemark, Irland, Portugal, Malta – und natürlich Großbritannien, das ohnehin die EU verlassen will.

PS: Is she sexually harassing those guys up there?

2 responses

  1. Recently, France and Holland sent troops to the Caribbean island of St. Martin to restore law and order after a devastating hurricane brought about looting and lawlessness. (The two countries each rule a half of the island). Will the Bundeswehr deploy troops in similar situations to bring law and order to other former European colonies? I can see the Bundeswehr deploying to former European colonies like Senegal (France), the Congo (Belgium) or Angola (Portugal).

  2. The Germans live in this strange parallel universe, Murph. With regard to the military, I mean. Look at today’s post, by the way. On the one hand they pay lip service to the necessity of having one but on the other hand nobody here really wants it or supports it because of their troubled past blah blah yada yada yada. They prefer instead to PRETEND they are pacifists while simultaneously being the world’s third largest weapons exporter and letting evil warmongering US-Amerika (through NATO) take care of their defense needs for them. To put the cherry on top, they don’t even pay their share of the deal, a deal made many years ago (2 percent GDP for defense), by the way, long before he whose name shall not be spoken was elected. It’s a very strange state of mind here, schizophrenic really. But you can say that about many aspects of German culture.

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