If Foxes Aren’t Stealing Your Shoes…

I was still digesting the shoe fetishist fox. Now wild boars are ripping off people’s laptops.


While they’re nude bathing. Even during the corona hysteria era the Sommerloch must go on (journalists need a vacation now and then too).

A nudist bather who chased a wild boar near a Berlin lake after it stole his laptop was applauded by onlookers after a successful pursuit.

Hey, Your Bus Ticket Is Untied

And it smells funny, too. But that’s not all that out of the normal in Berlin, come to think of it.


Adidas has some new sneakers that aren’t just made for walking—they’re for taking public transport, too. The German clothing giant has struck a deal with the Berlin transit authority, BVG, in which Adidas will sell 500 pairs of sneakers that have year-long 2018 tickets sewn into them. An annual BVG ticket for zones A and B, which cover everything within the capital’s borders, costs €761 ($930). The EQT Support 93/Berlin shoes, however, cost just €180.

The cool thing, I think: Now when the BVG bus is late (and it will continue to be late, don’t worry) you can run to work and most likely get there faster, too.

“Most buyers will put the sneakers in a showcase and not travel with them.”

Now that’s entertainment

Nobody gets it up here, though (in the “West”). A German student being tried in Britain is said to have gone beyond lawful protest when he threw a shoe towards Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao during a lecture at Cambridge University. What a bunch of humorless sticks in the mud youz guyz.

The shoe must go on.

He just wanted to have a little fun and shake things up a little (just like somebody else wanted to do with some shoes recently somewhere some place but I can’t remember where). And the punch line: Following the arrest the student said that his action was legitimate given the crimes of the Chinese communist government. Damn I like this guy.

And I can’t wait for the next online throw-your-shoe-at-Wen-Jiabao game to come out, either.

“He was heard to say words to the effect that the university was prostituting themselves by allowing the Premier to speak and referred to the Premier as a dictator.”