Here’s What Happens When You Do Everything Right

Corona-wise, I mean (around 12,000 new infections a day now in Germany these days – highest rate here yet). You know, face masks, social distancing and all that?

Toilet Paper

Germans Are Panic Buying Toilet Paper And Disinfectants As Covid-19 Surges Again – Unlike the April lockdown, where massive hoarding led to empty store shelves, German retailers claim that they are better prepared this time.

“After the events we saw earlier this year, we are monitoring changes in demand more closely than ever to ensure that nothing is in short supply.”

Next German Practical Joke Goes Haywire

What do the Germans have with the Spanish these days, anyway? Yesterday’s flash mob antics in Catalonia failed miserably.


Now a German man says a toilet paper mishap (that certainly starts off well, doesn’t it?) started a wildfire on La Palma.

The 27-year-old man told police that he had attempted to burn toilet paper used after he defecated off of a forest trail in a nature park, but quickly sparked a blaze.

Der unter Verdacht stehende Deutsche hat laut Polizei keinen festen Wohnsitz. Die Zeitung “ABC” schrieb, er wohne in einer Höhle.