What Are 20,000 Jobs?

If they are being offered for the sake of Germany’s beloved Energiewende (energy turnaround), I mean (and if you’re not one of the 20,000, of course)?

There is a certain logic here. I think. First you phase out German nuclear power plants because of the Fukushima disaster in Japan (I still haven’t figured out this part yet), then you phase out thousands of Japanese jobs due to the loses incurred by the energy companies due to this hasty (as in immediate) phase-out.

Oops, sorry. I just took a closer look at the article. Those are German jobs that are about to be phased-out, of course. Duh. Look folks, I’m not a German energy turnaround expert here you know. Forgive me for the confusion. Technically, it’s not even mine. I’m just trying to pass it on as best I can.

Branche verliert durch Atomausstieg Geld – Eine Reihe von Studien hatte in früheren Jahren bereist festgestellt, dass der Netto-Effekt der Ökostrom-Subventionen auf dem Arbeitsmarkt bestenfalls Null ist.

One response

  1. WE KNOW “UMVERTEILUNG”, with wind, with sun, with garbage, with CO2, with smog plakettes,with next what, maybe the air we breathe, looks of hollywood stars, derivates on mass frog road crossings or one alco-blow tube per person ready for the police control?
    Who´s paying those insane CENTS per UNIT on whatever; well we know, NONE of those subsidized firms or institutions that “built that thing?”. They are exempted! I passed the local garbage dump early this morning. Looks like the Alps are being rebuilt to scale behind klick-long expensive fences of a Gulag. The hardest part of SAVING the WORLD is how to do the downgrading of all the expenses, before the voters wake up (or will they?). I just call this SCHWARMINTELLIGENZ@WORK@all LEVELS@*.gov.

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