Germans Bemoan Loaned Drones And Condone Owned Drones Instead

Drones aren’t so evil after all, it seems. As long as Germans are flying them, I mean.


A German Defense Ministry representative says that the US is ready to approve an official German request for three armed MQ-9 Reaper drone aircraft (formerly known as the “Predator B”) and four ground control stations, to be filed in May this year.

A Forsa survey released earlier in April suggested that only 12 percent of Germans supported the use of armed drones in all circumstances. A majority of 59 percent approved the idea, however, provided that the aircraft were only used to ward off clear and present danger.

Nur wenige Bundesbürger sind gegen den Einsatz. In einer Forsa-Umfrage für die Zeitschrift „Internationale Politik” sprachen sich 12 Prozent der Befragten für eine generelle Erlaubnis aus, 59 Prozent plädierten für einen Drohnen-Einsatz unter bestimmten Bedingungen, etwa zur Abwendung einer unmittelbaren Gefahr. Nur 27 Prozent der Bundesbürger wollen bewaffnete Drohnen generell verbieten.

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  1. This constitutes the “new castrati” mentality that us former USAF guys noted in the German populace back in the ’80s and ’90s. Time for them to realize they need to step-up and protect their own economic interests…we are too broke to defend our own right now, let alone Germany’s

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