Next Troubling Demographic Development Stuns Germany

As if Germans did not have enough to worry about already, a study from Credit Suisse has just confirmed that more than 1.7 million German citizens are now living above the millionaire line.


In fact, despite the so-called financial crisis, the amount of personal wealth has nearly doubled here since the year 2000.

German experts are grappling to find a sufficient explanation for this troubling development, as the causes of excessive German wealth were hitherto thought to have been fully understood and firmly under control.

With the release of these new findings, however, it appears as if some sources of this disgusting German wealth may be attributable to certain socio-demographic characteristics or other social, political, economic and cultural factors that may not have been fully comprehended up until now.

“This is absolutely shameful,” one grudging expert said. “It is an absolute outrage that wealth like this could exist in such an advanced and envious society as ours. We will not tolerate it and we shall never cease our efforts until the causes for this injustice are found and alleviated.”

Seit Mitte 2012 seien 221.000 Menschen hinzugekommen; insgesamt lebten in Deutschland nun gut 1.735.000 Dollar-Millionäre.

2 responses

  1. Now there you have a good reason to raise taxes. That will lower the number of millionäres right smack dab down to zero and socialize these varmints once and for all.

  2. Yes, I can attest that West Berlin was a much “better” place to live in before the Wende (dirtier, darker, more claustrophobic — hey, what’s not to like?). I lived there back in 1987-88 and just published an e-book about my travels from San Francisco to West Berlin and then back to the U.S. Here it is:

    Of course, many aspects of the German character never change. You’ll meet a guy named Ulf, a type you can still find in Berlin.

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