Stress Lady’s Back

Now she’s stressed out about being in something called the “sandwich generation.”


Just eat more vegetables and get over it already, sweetheart. Sheesh. When this broad ain’t stressed out about sandwiches she’s stressed out about this, this, this or this. She’s really starting to stress me out. Know what I’m sayin’?

Rund 82 Prozent der deutschen Frauen zwischen 40 und 59 Jahren fühlen sich nach einer Studie zwischen Beruf, Familie und teilweise auch Pflege von Angehörigen immer wieder überfordert.

PS: Oddity 448. The word “Stress” is used more frequently and has a much more negative connotation in German than it does elsewhere. It is a very dirty six-letter word here. Germans strive to achieve a stable, stress-free life within predictable confines and anything that interferes with this is more stressful for them than any of us non-Germans out there can imagine. Germans will even get stressed out about stress that they don’t even have yet, thus subjecting themselves to even more stress and feelings of inadequacy (for not being under this type of stress yet), which can also be very stressful. Needless to say, this makes it very stressful for those otherwise non-stressed individuals out there who have to witness all of this.

4 responses

  1. I ain´t stressed but I sure am bloody peeved: “sandwich generation”?! What the hell am I, a limp piece of lettuce and a pale slice of “Reife Gouda”? It´s the X Generation, dahlings. X like in “extra-pissed-off”.

  2. My wife is a baby boomer in her early 60’s. She has to check on her 88 year-old mother every couple of days who refuses to take services from the state and will not move out of her Ozzy and Harriet themed house with 60’s décor. Also, her children decided to have kids in their thirties. Now she has to take the 4 year-old to his pre-school, and babysit the whole brood when Mom and Dad need kid-free time on the weekends. (Try strapping a hyper 4 year-old into a child’s car seat when you are 60 + years old.) That is truly a sandwich situation.

    • Tell her to tell the kids “no” or if that doesn’t work: give the grandkids a bunch of chocolate ice cream right before they go back to their parents (do not clean them up; do this every weekend — if that doesn’t do the trick; chocolate ice cream and Fun Dip; tell the grandkids if they hide their Easter eggs under their bed and preferably over a heat vent that they’ll hatch out duckies and bunnies; give them Crayolas and encourage them to go home and ‘get creative’). She will need to take care of her mom, but the parents will find other people to watch the kids.

      I’m grandma age and also remember what my parents and in-laws (God rest their souls) did to me. (although I never made any of them watch the kids all the time…because I knew better).

  3. Same stock image, over and over… sheesh, I think editors have managed to identify one thing fairly well: that it’s extremely easy to scare German women between the age of 40-59. They are, after all, likely to be the last magazine-buying people on earth.

    At least the Green Party is admitting to causing some “schtreiss”

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