German Of The Day: Realitätsverweigerung

That means denying reality.


It is very popular in Germany at the moment due to the refugee invasion currently taking place, part of the denial process here being that this invasion isn’t even being referred to as one. They call it the refugee question or situation or policy or crisis instead (crisis is clearly leading at the moment).

It has a long tradition. If German reality deniers don’t like the facts, the facts – or at least the ways they view them – just get twisted around (or we are informed by them that “there are no facts at all”). And that’s a fact. Happens all the time. Everything is relative, you see. See moral relativism.

Latest example: The vast majority of perpetrators committing those infamous New Year’s Eve sex attacks were newly-arrived “migrants” from Morocco and Algeria, for instance. Rather than addressing this very real problem, German reality deniers prefer organizing protest rallies against racism instead. Needless to say, these are always well-covered by the media.

This kind of predictable, incoherent reaction makes me feel sometimes like I’m Donald Sutherland’s character in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Have the minds of these people been replaced while they sleep by copies of themselves having some weird, extraterrestrial and, in this case, irrational intelligence? Why are there so many of them acting this way? Is their number increasing? Are the body snatchers going to get me next? I’m going to lay off the sleep for a few months now just to play it safe.

Auch wenn jetzt alle davon reden, man dürfe nichts “unter den Teppich kehren”. Der so hochmoralische wie unehrliche Umgang mit der Flüchtlingsfrage droht uns um die Ohren zu fliegen.

3 responses

  1. You could say this is the time for scales on the eyes and wax plugs in the ears. That comes from a book written some time ago. It seems the Muslim finger jihad has poked some eyes and ears and has broken some wax seals in so doing. It will lead to Islam being driven out of Europe. And lots of blood on both sides of course. Remember it was the left who did this to you all.

  2. That´s the effect of gutmensch reality-denying-folks watching too much state-run TV news. Always hyped on the moral side, but incapable of solving problems rationally.

  3. I think the term you might be striving for (and which might describe this condition) is: “whistling past a graveyard”.
    In this case I concur with Blackbird — the graveyard is (going to be) theirs.
    Mene mene tekel upharsin might also work.

    I’m actually pulling for those who have unscaly eyes and cleaned out ears….good luck ya poor bastiges.

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