German Of The Day: Pest oder Cholera

That means the plague or cholera. You know, as in having to choose between the two?


That’s what voters in Saarland get to do today: Ch00se between Merkel’s too big to fail plague or “Schulz effect” cholera. May the best pestilence win.

Germany’s election year gets under way in earnest on Sunday when voters in Saarland choose a new state assembly, the first test of the Social Democrats’ surge in polls since they chose Martin Schulz to run against Merkel in September. The chancellor’s Christian Democrat-led bloc and the SPD were even at 32 percent each in an Infratest Dimap national poll published Friday.

4 responses

  1. Could you summarize what characterizes either “pestilence”? What are the biggest downsides of Merkel? And what is it that people dislike about Schulz? I’m not up to speed on German poltics but am curious to know!

  2. These are just personal views here, of course, but Merkel has simply been in power too long. Worse still, she has systematically eliminated anyone in her party who could be a threat to her over the years – hence too big to fail (she’s all there is). What people outside of Germany may also not understand is just how divided the country is regarding her refugee “policy.” Half the country (or more) resents deeply how this his played out and are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore – hence the AfD party. Schulz is THE Brussels bureaucrat par excellence. You know, these unelected folks who make an amazing mess of things and then just split whenever it gets hot. He is also the bourgeois socialist (SPD – they call it social democracy) par excellence. That is, he is one of these zero sum redistributors who take money from A and give it to B, the robin hoodlums. We need these people to do this for us, see? They have no solution to anything other than taking other people’s money, until it runs out: “The only problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

  3. So much for the Schulz Effekt. Even Oscar and the red Berliners couldn´t help out, even though he had a home game. So the CDU will once again rule with the SPD junior partner, spending other peoples tax money through big gov.
    After vote statement here:

  4. So…the big question is: when are you all over there going to throw down?
    I’ve got a bet going on with a co-worker (he’s been a student traveller and a teacher in Europe, but I’ve lived closer to more military bases; we disagree on some issues concerning the various peoples in particular their political system, aka. the EU; this could be a matter of experience and perspective).

    Personally, my bet is on you guys — we’ll look like we’re going to go off first, but my money is still on you.

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