People* Now Slashing Ambulance Tires In Germany

While the ambulance crew is trying to save somebody’s life, I mean. People (* see secret code for people here) can be that way.


I was giving this some thought the other day and I think this type of stuff all comes down to loyalty. I know, that’s an awful word to say and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth (like tradition, country, family) but, in the end, people are generally loyal to something “higher up” and behave accordingly. The type of loyalty these particular people have has nothing to do with loyalty to a country or to the laws of a country, however, and certainly not to the country or laws of Germany. You can tell this by the way they dress and the way they shave. This loyalty has to with something higher up in the religious sense. And please note here: This is all the more evident once you realize that the “good people” in this group refuse to bring the “bad people” in this group in line. They too are loyal to that same thing in the end. It is dilemma. That’s the nice word for it, however.

PS: Some people in Berlin who have tried to open a “liberal mosque” have gotten over 100 death threats from other people. People will be people, people.


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  1. I think that it is pretty obvious what some people are loyal to…and it involves conquest. This is a very basic emotion, primordial even — not even limited to Homo sapiens.
    Other people who thought we were at the “end of history” (and that somehow all people would somehow join hands, buy each other a Coke, and sing happy, smiley songs) foolishly forgot that while their vision of history might be over (emphasis on “might” — they forgot basic grammar and the interpretation of modals too), deep time history is always with us and entails biology, which never ends, no matter how much they try to fantasize that it does.
    Therefore, one should never forget the fact that men (and women, and personages of self-proclaimed ethereal gender terms) are not really all that far away from the muck and ooze from which they first came and that denying it can be very fatal. Indeed, by insisting upon one’s age of Aquarius happy, joy, joy, no worries here visions of overwhelming, stultifying cult and tyranny of “nice”, one helps to implement such fatalities (like some poor schmuck not getting to the hospital on time due to slashed ambulance tires) and more, much more.
    This is the bane of certain other people that make the actions of yet others endemic — a cascade effect if you will; the entropy that is really a form of order (just one in a more evolved form). This is what makes the times extremely…interesting.

    In simpler terms, we’re all pretty far up a fudge creek without a method of steerage or propulsion, so hang on tight.

    Hmm, not a bad job of wrapping up a lot of today’s navel gazing angst in one short entry if I say so myself…bravo for me!

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