SPD Outrage…

Is the most outrageous kind of outrage there is around here. Take this one: Outrage about the unacceptably high number of temp employment contracts in Germany today. We’ll see to it that these poor people get real jobs!


Fine. Run with it. So that’s why the SPD is making such a big noise about alleviating this scourge as soon as the next GroKo (with SPD participation) is finally in power.

The only dumb thing here is that they wouldn’t have to wait that long if they didn’t want to. It turns out that the folks over at the SPD-run Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, for instance, have hired way too many of these poor defenseless temp employees themselves. They’re not willing to give these people permanent contracts, however. This is because… Because why anyway? And there we have it again, folks: The SPD redistributor world vs. the real finite resources world.

Die SPD hat im Koalitionsvertrag einen Kompromiss zu sachgrundlosen Befristungen ausgehandelt. Tatsächlich ist die Praxis aber auch in Bundesministerien gängig.

2 responses

  1. Well, they are leftards what else can they come up with? Germanistans problem is that its right wing under Angela Mengele is further left than a lot of leftards. What else can a nation do but fail when drenched in that much stupidity. The present moment in time is a complete education on the frailty and general stupidity of mankind. Hold onto your hats and grab a club because it will get much worse.

  2. It’s true, it’s as if she’s now become the boss of the SPD. She gave them everything but the kitchen sink – to the detriment of her own party. One SPD guy joked if we would have had a little more time we would have got the office of Chancellor, too. We saw what a great negotiator she was with the FDP. If she hadn’t have let them get away by being more green than the Greens this would have been over months ago.

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