Next Imaginary Crocodile Sighting Underway

Germans are totally tierlieb (fond of animals). Especially when they are the exotic and preferably dangerous kind of Tier they regularly think they see but never manage to find lurking about in the German Wildnis (wilderness).

This time it’s another crocodile, somewhere near Regensburg (with an emphasis on the crock here, folks). A guy out on a walk and “a lady on an air mattress” both saw the horrible creature so we can be sure that this time the danger is clear and present.

These are obligatory annual sightings, by the way. I don’t know why that it, but you have to have at least one here every summer. It has to do with the infamous German Sommerloch (which is just about to start), I think, but that’s another story.

Die Polizei in Bayern hat mit Schlauchbooten, Tauchern und sogar einem Hubschrauber nach einem Krokodil in einem Badesee gesucht – bisher erfolglos.

Oh, another German crocodile

You know, like this one.

Or this one.

Or maybe this one here.

Don’t ask. Germans are always finding crocodiles in their rivers and lakes that aren’t actually there. It’s just what they do. You know, an annual ritual kind of thing. Usually in the summer. When it’s hot. Kinda like it is now.

Daraufhin machte sich die Polizei mit dem Boot auf die Suche nach den Echsen. Ohne Ergebnis.

This is not a crocodile

I don’t know what it is, but Germans are doggedly determined to find crocodiles in their lakes, rivers and streams. Crocodiles that aren’t there, I mean. This time, two girls in Bavaria saw one (not) and got the country’s crocodile hunters (professional and otherwise) all tied up in a knot for a few minutes of non-fame.

The last crocodile that wasn’t one turned out to be a turtle. The one before that was probably a bottle of corn schnapps.  And the one before that

Ceci n'est pas une crocodille.

Okay, so you’ve had your little Sommerloch (silly summer season) scare again (not). It’s time to go back to school and/or work again or something already.

„Die Beamten gehen nun aber davon aus, dass es ein Biber oder auch ein größerer Fisch war, der die Mädchen erschreckte.“