German Of The Day: Mund-Nasen-Schutz

That means mouth and nose protection. You know, a face mask?

They keep you safe. Unless you’re a gas station employee asking a customer to put one on. Then they can be dangerous, deadly even. Remember the days when gas station employees were endangered by people who were already wearing the face masks when they came in?

Germany: Gas station employee killed over a face mask – A 20-year-old clerk was shot after asking a customer to wear a face mask in Germany. The suspected shooter said he was stressed out by coronavirus measures.

No Scheiße Sherlock

“Whether the incident was linked to terrorism, I cannot say at this stage,” a spokesman for Hesse state has told reporters. How could he say? That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen in Germany, even when it does happen (it was the last news item to be reported on last night on ARD).

We don’t want to jump to conclusions, heaven forbid. Germany always has everything under control, as we all know, “incidents” like these included. But when a Kosovar Albanian and devout Muslim suddenly opens fire on a military bus full of American Air Force personnel at Frankfurt Airport, killing two and wounding two others, a possible link to terrorism might maybe ought to be taken into consideration, perhaps.

All I can say is it’s a good thing that Germany has such strict gun control laws (especially at airports). Otherwise this “incident” would have surely been much worse.

Ausgerüstet mit einer Pistole und einer beachtlichen Menge Munition, machte sich der 21-jährige Deutsch-Kosovare am Mittwochmorgen auf den Weg zur Arbeit am Flughafen Frankfurt am Main.