Lovelyn E.

Beautiful German of the week.

Lovelyn Enebechi

Because somebody has to admire them.

PS: During the GNTM final (the woman above won), vicious Femen women with black patches on their thingies attacked Heidi Klum and all she stands for HERSELF. Jiminy crickets. Is nothing heilig (sacred) anymore?


Underground Fashion Goes Underground

Now if only it would stay there.

Damn. This is becoming quite a ritual (yawn). But this is just what folks at Berlin Fashion Week do, so deal with it. Thirty-four models, four hundred passengers and seventeen labels on one subway train, what’s that get you? An underground catwalk – for the seventh time now already. Sheesh.

“This year is all about kitschy kitsch.”

It’s official now

When it gets to the point where even 24 German beauty queen types notice that there’s something going on in Egypt and flee the country in haste, some even without make-up (they had been preparing for the “Miss Germany 2011” pageant down there), then there’s definitely something going on in Egypt.

The German Foreign Office wasn’t much quicker in noticing either, by the way. They didn’t start issuing real travel warnings until yesterday.

„Nachdem aber alle wesentlichen Fotoshootings und Aktionen im Kasten sind, haben wir uns vorsorglich zur frühen Rückreise entschieden.“