Germans At Their Best

Together we are strong. Let’s turn into a pack of wulffs and kick him when he’s down (OK, wulffs, I mean wolves, don’t kick). Then we’ll kick him when he’s down and out. And then we’ll even kick him when he’s out (just out).

A Grand Tattoo? I thought there for a second that those soldiers were going to turn around, put him up against a wall and shoot him.

There is also a row over the music as President Wulff has requested four pieces, instead of the usual three.

But Germans Deny Wrongdoing All The Time

Germans on the street, I mean.

And they’re always open to receiving bribes or being granted advantages.

And they regularly blur the lines between personal, business (and political) advantage.

And the actions they take are never illegal.

So why should one lone guy up top be singled out and have to resign for doing the same damned things that they do? Just because he holds a meaningless, ceremonial office that nobody here respects in the first place, I mean.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because people always tend to get more upset about those who resemble them most. This guy just had to go.

Auch der Mainzer Karneval reagierte kurzfristig und änderte einen Wagen für den Rosenmontagszug. Wulff wird auf dem Wagen als geprügeltes Staatsoberhaupt im Boxring gezeigt. “Das Wort “angeschlagen” werden wir in “K.o.” verändern.”