At Least He Made It To 65

Here’s more government in action for you, folks. German Beamte (civil servants). You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them (it’s verboten).

A retiring German public servant has signed off from work by emailing his 500 fellow staff to tell them that he had not done anything for 14 years.

The 65-year-old’s final words in the job were to crow over colleagues and say he had earned more than £600,000 without lifting a finger.

“I do not wish to say anything else.”



3 responses

  1. It´s the same case as that Geisterfahrer on the autobahn. “OMG”, he says hearing the radio, “look at this, there are thousands of these idiots going in the wrong direction.” If it was this guy driving, he wouldn´t be mistaking.

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