Energy Revolution Not Taking Place Quite Yet

German energy turnaround revolutionaries everywhere are turning around more than usual these days, burning more energy than planned trying to answer all the dumb questions those dumb energy reactionaries are always asking them.

Dumb questions like:
How come the energy turnaround isn’t making any progress?
How come the taxpayers continue to foot the bill?
How come all these renewable energy companies are going broke now that the subsidies are being cut?
How come made in Germany renewable energy technology is now being made in China these days (and German subsidies are actually helping the Chinese)?
How come Germany isn’t in the position to create the power-transmission lines needed to connect these new energy sources to the German power grid?
How come the energy-storage facilities needed for these new technologies are so extremely expensive and, well, just aren’t being built?
How was that again? How come Germany is in the process of turning off all its nuclear power plants?
How come the construction of dozens of new coal-burning power plants will therefore be necessary?

And how could ideology get the upper hand on reality (yet again) in a nation full of such sober, experienced thinkers?

And on and on and on these dumb questioners go. These reactionary types just don’t get it, you see. They don’t have visions like us revolutionary folks do. And they don’t hear the voices, either.

Germany Stalled on the Expressway to a Green Future

2 responses

  1. Productivity is the cost-per-unit-of-output. Having to do more to create and then live with and work around “green power” has a cost in time, effort, and money that wasn’t going there before Ökostrom bacame the new broadly shared pointless distraction.

    The real question is: how much energy (forgive the pun) are they drawing off of being productive in all of society’s other needs is it taking to create “green” energy in these myriad of low-output and underperforming ways? It really DOES have a cost that they are trying hard not to notice.

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