US-Amerika In Decline Yet Again

Clearly disappointed in last night’s debate for some inexplicable reason, one leading German mind policeman has hurried to remind his countrymen that the United States is still, after all, a “global power in decline” which now appears to be “stuck in the Bush worldview,” whatever that is.

A buddy of his at the same German news organ also rushed to explain that President Obama, being a man of peace or something, did not want to have to fight and get all rude during the debates like he did but that the “unexpectedly close race” forced him to. I tell ya, life just ain’t fair sometimes.

With his centrist policies, Barack Obama tried to be a president for all Americans. But few in Washington were enthusiastic about his attempts to reach bipartisan compromise.

2 responses

  1. Saw an article that the U.S. is about to overtake Russia and Saudi Arabia as the worlds largest oil and gas producers. This is despite the fact that the President has not opened federally owned lands to oil and gas exploration. What will the “Amerika in decline” crowd do when this happens?

  2. Actually Obama’s EPA was waiting for a 2nd term to “really stick it” to the burgeoning gas exploration industry and find phoney reasons to ban fracking. Their horror is that we would have a vibrant, resilient economy that could even beat out Chinese manufacturing on the basis of having cheaper energy alone – their horror being that it’s fossil-fuel based.

    Frack, it seems, is the new crack.

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