Hurricanes Help

Or at least that’s what Germans are openly hoping for right now.

The economic figures don’t really look very good, and although he (Obama) is more popular with the people (more popular than Gerhard Schröder was with German voters ten years ago before he was thought to have been “saved” politically by his perceived handling of the Elbe flooding catastrophe), he is behind in the polls. But maybe now a natural catastrophe could help him, too: Hurricane Sandy.

“Kein Präsident oder Kandidat darf auf eine drohende Naturkatastrophe mehr unterreagieren.”

One response

  1. The president does little or nothing about natural disasters, outside of the disaster that the Democrats’ prospects have become.

    In fact the Federal government plays a predefined, pre-planned coordination role anyway. It’s the states and counties that deal with disasters, despite the political usefulness of Katrina.

    As for Obama, a storm suits him perfectly. He gets to look caring, and apprear to be giving something to people, without engaging in any policy specifics or their effects.

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