Expats Pouting?

He may be the World President, but is he still ours?

“There’s a high interest (in voting) among expats in Germany, but I sense those on the Democrat side aren’t as fervent today as they were in 2008. There’s intense disappointment in President Obama’s leadership.”

Meanwhile… An opinion poll by the Emnid polling institute found 87 percent of German nationals would vote for Obama and only 5 percent for Romney if they had the chance to cast ballots.

Enthusiasm for Obama wanes among U.S. voters in Europe

One response

  1. It also explains the Intrade gap, which is resoundingly for Obama. THAT is a “global” vote of sorts, with most, if not all of the betting taking place outside the US. Punters are operating on what their press is telling them in their particular informational Thermos container vaccuum, and it’s reflected in the betting. Reality, even if Obama wins, will shatter that when they see that no-one wins with 30% winning margins in US elections.

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