Der Spiegel Ten Years After: Iraq Invasion Commemorated By Unleashing Obsessive-Compulsive Headline Offensive

Bam, bam, bam! The Spiegel just had to knock off three of these puppies in a row, that’s how excited they must have been about the tenth anniversary of the US-lead invasion of Iraq.


I didn’t actually read these, of course. Why should I? I already knew what was in them.

10 Lessons from America’s ‘Dumb War’

This article reminds us once again how invading Iraq and getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a really dumb thing to do and how smart and farsighted and enlightened Germans were for having said no before anyone ever even had the chance to ask them.

Iraq War Seen as ‘Strategic Failure by Many’

This explains why the invasion made everything so awful “down there” and how it has turned that entire region of the world into the terrible, dreadful and hopeless place it is today.

Baghdad Then and Now

This is all about how much nicer it was living in Iraq before that dumb old strategic failure of an invasion took place.

Where bombs once fell, residents now buy groceries. Where militias patrolled, campaign posters now hang. Yet peace is still a long way off.

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  1. The Iraq War is the largest strategic blunder in U.S. history. It obliterated the balance of power in the Middle East. It installed a corrupt and brutal pro-Iranian government in Baghdad, one cemented in power through the use of torture, death squads and terror. And it has left Iran as the dominant force in the region. On every level – moral, strategic, military and economic – Iraq was a failure. And it was you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, who started this war. It is you who should pay the consequences.

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  2. Sorry Ian, I see the situation differently. George Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blaire are all living in quiet retirement. Jacques Chirac has been indited. Gerry Schroeder has become “Putin’s Dachel” and works for Gazprom. Germany is now the third largest arms supplier and perhaps bigger than the U.S. in tonnage, supplying Leopard tanks to the Saudi’s so that the Saudi’s can protect themselves from their Shite enemies. In order to help pay for the new Leopards, the Saudi’s invested in Matt Damon’s anti-fracking flick, with the goal of protecting their profits in North America. Gitmo is alive and well after Barack Obama had second thoughts about trials for Jhaddist in U.S. Courts. Finally, Hollywood has recently made two positive movies about the CIA: Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. If Hollywood is sold on the CIA being good, then Der “Spargel” will have to rethink their take on history.

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