Orwell In Da House

It’s been a long time coming, people. Now the New Germans finally have what they have wanted all along, it seems: Full-blown, voluntary, participatory state censorship (got a better term?). It’s what you’d call grass roots censorship, I guess.


Beatrix von Storch, a leading figure in the Alternative for Germany party, is one of the first hit by new hate speech laws on social media… A top lawmaker from the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party was blocked from Twitter and Facebook on Monday after slamming the Cologne police for sending a New Year’s tweet in Arabic.

The first groundbreaking hate crime is wondering why the police in North Rhine-Westphalia tweet in Arabic? Damn. I need to get my brain properly washed. That rather freaks me out, too.  “What the hell is happening in this country? Why is an official police site tweeting in Arabic? Do you think it is to appease the barbaric, gang-raping hordes of Muslim men?”

Brain Police 2.0 is out now, folks! Go get it before it gets you.

“Was zur Hölle ist in diesem Land los, wieso twittert eine offizielle Polizeiseite aus NRW auf Arabisch?”, schrieb von Storch. “Meinen Sie, die barbarischen, muslimischen, gruppenvergewaltigenden Männerhorden so zu besänftigen?”

3 responses

  1. Sometime and somewhere in the U.S.A, big business started adding “dial 2 for Spanish” to the menu whenever you called a robo call center. The reason for this, I was told, was that the banks were being sued by whatever liberal umbrella groups for discriminating against Spanish speaking people. Now, State agencies have Spanish on theircall menues. In fact, my 97 year-old aunt just received a form letter from Medicaid, that was in 12 languages, to include Haitian French creole and Cambodian.

    I think that Germany is just starting to adjust to multi-culturalism. Expect messages in Farsi and Urdu in the future!

  2. You’re absolutely right, Murph. The thing is, you don’t have to like this person or agree with this person. You sure don’t have to vote for her. But who “up there” decides what we can say or not? That’s what’s scary and that’s what people should be upset about. But worse still, now the censorship has been outsourced to the citizenry itself – a citizenry that has been trained what to think and how to react. Talk about Dr. Evil.

    • That’s the problem with outlawing hate-speech. Justice Potter Stuart said about pornography: “I know it when I see it.” The trouble with defining hate-speech is, “who knows it when they hear it.”

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