“Police And Politicians Lack Empathy”

I couldn’t agree more. A lack of empathy for the guy who was just murdered.

Protest 2

But even more lacking in empathy here is the German media. It’s all about the threat from “right-wing mobs,” as usual. Whether they are an actual threat or not. We get it already: Hitler and the Nazis were really, really bad but these people aren’t those people, distasteful as some might be – and Hitler salute or not. We’re tired of your ritual obsession with the past (or at least I am) and by pretending that these people are those people you are elegantly ignoring the real issue, the thing that got this guy killed. You can pretend it’s not there and that it’s not happening but it is. And pretending it isn’t happening is what the people back then did to help Hitler get to power. Please move on already.

A right-wing mob has been rampaging through the eastern German city of Chemnitz. The police are on site, but authorities seem out of their depth. They lack the will to intervene, argues Hans Pfeifer.

Ausschreitungen in Chemnitz: 6000 Rechte, 1500 Gegendemonstranten, 20 Verletzte.

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  1. It seems that there IS a right-wing mob.
    Your link provides little indication as to the first incident.
    Since there is a mob of “several thousand” and they are right wing, I fail to understand what your blog is about. Maybe you could explain?

    • It is more than a far right mob. The focus, however, is only on the far right mob. This is a German obsession, understandably. But it is a distraction from the real issue. The much bigger issue is that the vast majority of Germans are very worried about what this Biblical influx of migrants to Germany and Europe means but their worries are either being ignored or not taken seriously by the very people who caused it. The AfD (NOT simply a bunch of Nazis) became the second largest opposition party overnight. If the worries of German citizens are not taken seriously by Merkel & Co. – or the poor devil who has to follow her – the AfD will not go away but only grow larger and it will get rougher still. Focusing on the German past is making this situation worse, in other words.

  2. There is a template that the MSM uses to report such incidents. It goes like this:

    1. If a White man murders a Black man (You may substitute Christian for White and Muslim for Black), then is is pure racism.
    2. If a Black man murders a White man, then racism drove him to do it.
    3. If a Black man murders a Black man, then run a story about the Kardashians.

  3. This guy wants the muslims in Germanistan to rise up and destroy the “”NAZIS”” who are putting muslim brothers and sisters at risk. I imagine Erdogan has more than a dozen working tanks so he might just blitz his way your way to save his brethren. Seems like the end of the turd has met the outer edges of the fan.

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