“Work Again?”

Is this German humor? In a British tabloid?


“Will Germany’s effective Covid strategy work again as it enters a second wave?” It didn’t work the first time, folks (they’re up to 7,000+ new infections a day now, and climbing). Even though the Germans, as Klassenbeste (best in class), did everything right. Right? Face masks, social distancing, etc.

It could almost make one think that these face masks don’t help.

“The first wave taught us that if politicians and scientists work together, they have more chance of beating this virus.”

2 responses

  1. Does the German language have a word for a Karen? A Karen is usually a white liberal woman, who is vocal about liberal causes to the point of hypocrisy. Famous example: the has been actress Milisa Milano call the cops from her Malibu mansion when she saw a kid hunting squirrels in her back yard. Before this incident, she was advocating “Defund the Police.” Our governor set up a hot line so that people could dime each other out if they saw people breaking Covid protocol: No masks, standing less than 2 meters apart. As expected, most of the callers fit the Karen profile.

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