It’s A Dogma Eat Dogma World

So the answer is no. Dutch earthquakes or not.

Dutch Ask If German Nuclear Plants May Stay Open Amid Gas Crisis – The Netherlands has asked Germany to consider keeping its nuclear power plants open, but admitted the chances of that happening are slim.

“I just asked them if it’s technically possible to keep the nuclear power plants open,” Jetten said in an interview on Wednesday in The Hague, referring to his meeting with Habeck. “They’ve already taken so many measures to shut them down and there’s probably not enough fuel to keep them open a bit longer.”

The Netherlands could extract an extra 50 billion cubic meters of gas each year from its Groningen field. Yet Dutch authorities — wary of earthquakes triggered by drilling, which have damaged cities — have repeatedly said they plan to wind down production and will only increase output as a last resort. 

Germany Still Threatened By Fukushima

Or by the ghost of Fukushima, I should say.


Danger! Danger! More “experts” issuing expert warnings here again: Nearly three years have passed since the Fukushima disaster in Japan and Germany is still not adequately prepared for a nuclear incident, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

I can only assume that they mean being not adequately prepared for  a nuclear incident caused by a magnitude 9.0 undersea megathrust earthquake hitting somewhere off the coast of Bremerhaven in a region of the world that doesn’t “do” earthquakes and causing a massive tsunami that could wipe out one of Germany’s coastal power plants, or maybe even one in Bavaria, provided, of course, that said tsunami could still find a German nuclear power plant that was still in operation, which is very doubtful indeed, but still.

Nope. You can never be prepared enough when it comes to preparing for one of those worst conceivable and most completely unpredictable natural disasters like-in-recorded-history-type-disasters that has already happened somewhere else, I guess.

Deutschland ist nicht ausreichend auf einen nuklearen Störfall vorbereitet.