G20 Freak Out Dance Party Blockupation Installation Protest Fest Now Officially Happen-In In Hamburg

And art show music festival fireworks extravaganza sit-in, too.


And tear gas and water canon training area Treff (get-together). And zombie apocalypse.

Be there or be square.

Lieber tanz ich als G20.

German Of The Day: Partypolizei

That means party police. And who else could that refer to but the police in Berlin?


Headline: “Party police” sent back to Berlin from their G20 deployment in Hamburg.

– Hundreds of Berlin police were deployed to help safeguard the coming G20 summit in Hamburg.

– But now three hundred have been prematurely dismissed from the deployment due to improper behavior.

– The accusations include urinating and having sex in public. In addition, one police woman was said to have been dancing on a table in a bath robe while brandishing a gun in her hand.

I don’t get it. So why did they get sent back home again? Those Hamburg cops must be real bores.

“Zwischen Beamtenarsch und Arschretter liegt oft nur ein vereitelter Überfall.”