German Of The Day: Gegenteil

That means the opposite.

German state TV in action: An Islamist fires a machine gun in Israel, killing one Israeli and injuring others. Israeli security forces kill the attacker.

What does German state news channel ZDF do? They broadcast: “Israel: Palestinian Shot.”

This is nothing new in “journalism,” of course, whether in Germany or anywhere else. But here you can’t “switch the dail.” Germans are taxed to support these state channels, whether they support them or not.

Europe Speaking With One Voice Again

Not.  Ho hum. Been there, done that.

Ahead of the United Nations vote that is set to recognize a Palestinian state, Germany has announced it will abstain.

Having strong European support strengthens the Palestinian bid for recognition in the face of US resistance, and they have likely found it in Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Meanwhile the Czech Republic and the Netherlands appear to be leaning toward a “no” vote, while Britain could abstain along with Germany.

So in case you were wondering, European unity never was, is or will be a possibility.

“The German government has, through its own tactical maneuvering, failed to come to an understanding with its partners. This will further diminish the weight of Europe in the Middle East.”