Germans Go Hoarse Yelling “Horse!” Now That Horse Is Main Course

German officials sure know how to stirrup the emotions these days.


Whinny they gonna finally leave us alone?

They mustang out with the wrong people or something. They sure do have a lot of gaul. I think it would behoove them to try standing in good stead for once and keep calm because the mane thing is that we all still have enough meat to eat, regardless of the horse, I mean source, of course.

After all, horse meat is a stable diet you know.

And just for the record: Any pal of theirs is a palomino.

This gives Pferdiggerichte a whole new meaning.

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  1. What I love with all of the nose-in-the-air dril about purity, high standards, and glowing opinions of their “quality not quantity” approach to things, Europeans find out that their weenies are padded out with Mr. Ed.

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