Berlin Is Already Over And Nobody Here Had The Decency To Tell Me

Or at least that’s what one New York Times journalist had to report – after clearly having run into way too many Americans here. And how could that not spell trouble?


The Berlin backlash had to happen sooner or later. No city could be so consistently lauded to the skies for its creative edge, elegant shabbiness, and 24-hour nightlife without eventually coming down with a hard bump. And the bump does seem to have arrived.

…On the international front, the city’s social scene is also getting increasingly Anglophone.

Erschwerend kam hinzu, dass der offenbar aus New York stammende New-York-Times-Autor im Berghain wie auch überall sonst in Berlin ausschließlich auf andere aus New York stammende Menschen gestoßen ist, was die Bedeutung der einstigen Hipsterhochburg für ihn abschließend ruiniert hat; getreu der von dem ebenfalls aus New York stammenden Gegenwartsanalytiker Groucho Marx aufgestellten Maxime, dass er kein Mitglied in einem Club sein möchte, der ihn aufnehmen würde.

2 responses

  1. What can I say? Come to Hamburg – there’s a great scene here with roots back into the early years of Neue Deutsche Welle. Fortunately no one wants to come to Hamburg, so the scene will pretty much continue to thrive undisturbed.

  2. The Berlin ANYTHING scene has always been built on a mound of self-regenerating international BS to begin with. It’s a nice city, but it’s not a nice city because of it’s “art” or the temporary hipster residents attracted by the allure of the “former east” that is really absolutely nothing like the former east, and scrubbed of all of it’s “real” grimness.

    The value of their having been attracted to Berlin is that the hipsters aren’t polluting the rest of civilization to as great a degree.

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