Trump, Trumper, am Trumpsten

Am Trumpsten means “the most Trump-like” in German. Well it does now. I just made that up. That’s the cool thing about German. You can make up words right and left (in this case right?) and no force in the universe can stop you.


Anyway, it’s state election time in Germany today and Germany has a Trump-like problem. Germany’s Trump-like problem: Right-wing, anti-foreigner movement poised for big election win.

The problem has the same root cause the American Trump-like problem has, too. Nobody “up there” takes the worries of these folks “down here” seriously, particularly with regard to the refugee crisis. It’s time to dish out some punishment, see? This anger won’t lead to anything constructive, of course, but nobody who votes for the Trumps of this world thinks that far ahead or very much cares. Get your popcorn ready. It’s gonna be ugly.

„Die AfD könnte deutlich besser abschneiden als erwartet.“

4 responses

    • And in that I think the Trump supporters are being sadly mischaracterized. They have peered into and pondered the future. They’re answer to it is: why not? to be followed up with “let it burn”.

  1. I understand the anger (actually, I don’t, but I understand that it is there), it’s just that anger doesn’t take you very far. Sooner or later you have to make things work and anger and easy/empty slogans won’t be able to help you then. We’re just now finishing up an eight year sentence under somebody who peddles easy/empty slogans. Needless to say, he wasn’t the guy for this job. Nor is Trump. Nor is the lady in the pantsuit, of course. I don’t know who is. Where is he/her? I’m waiting, people. I will vote. Even if it’s a write-in. I will not be denied here. This is a dilemma.

    • Right now we have Trump, Cackles, Cruz, and I’ve heard that Romney is on the ballot.
      Oh, and I think Gary Johnson is running again for the Libertarian Party.
      This isn’t about anger (well, ok, it is, I shouldn’t lie)…it’s about looking at the choices and saying “why not?”. As it stands at least Trump is the only one not wanting refugees in the country, lots of them…and that is resonating particularly strongly as of today.

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