Save Planet Earth’s Climate?

Hell yes! Count me in.

Climate 1

Climate 2

Clean up my own neighborhood? Nah, I think I’ll pass on that one.

A “Fridays for Future” demonstration will get 40,000 German environmental activists out on the street in no time. A call to clean up the local neighborhood on “World Cleanup Day” might get about 100 to 150 out of bed (here Frankfurt).

These World Cleanup Folks clearly don’t get the deal. Abstract heroics is were the money is – I mean, people are.

Nur rund 1000 kamen zum großen Aufräumen, sammelten vier Tonnen Müll. Am Main, in Sichtweite des Camps der „Fridays for Future“-Macher, verschlug es gerade mal 150 Freiwillige.

2 responses

  1. The take from the closest demonstration near me (Boston) is that Greta and her Millennial Army left a lot of trash at the demonstration. Other people are expected to pick up after them. (Mom and Dad?)

  2. Germany after two world wars, getting prepared to ruin itself for a third time.
    These demonstrators (Schulschwänzer — truancy during school hours!!) have been influenced by adults (mostly teachers and MSM) to believe a fairy tale science that the earth is heading for the apocalypse. How irresponsible can a socialist system be, to do that to young children, with the aim of stripping the tax payer for more big government.

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