All Quiet On The Academy Awards Front


Does anybody watch that Scheiße anymore?

Germans Are Right to Hate All Quiet on the Western Front – The Academy loves Netflix’s pandering war porn. Its homeland knows better.

Take Schlammschlacht, for instance, which means mudslinging or mud fight, and ends with the German word for battle which also evocatively happens to be the root word for slaughter. Schlammschlacht, by itself, is the headline of Hubert Wetzel’s blistering review in the venerable Süddeutsche Zeitung, describing the weather conditions in which most of the film’s slaughter take place, and, presumably, also the filmmakers’ treatment of a literary treasure…

Corona Spares Audience Annual Lola Award Ordeal

There are rays of hope out there, if you just look.


German Film Awards to Go Ahead Without Audience Amid Coronavirus – Instead of canceling the Lolas, the German equivalent of the Oscars, the local film industry has decided to do a live broadcast of the awards on April 24 without the usual gala.

Thanks, German film gala Volk. German audiences have suffered enough.

German Filmkunst in action

I don’t know what to believe. Is Germany the great film-making nation we all think it is because of this guy?


 Oscar is a German name, you know.


Or is it maybe less of this great film-making nation because of this “worst director in the world” guy here? I’d say it’s both, maybe, or neither, although it’s hard to say for sure.


Sure, Alexander Freydank may have received the Academy Award last night for Best Short Film for his 14 minute long Spielzeugland (Toyland), but Uwe Boll got an award, too. He got this year’s Golden Rasberry for the worst directing for, uh, well, for directing everything he his been allowed to direct so far.


Personally, I love trash films, whatever the language, whether they’re the worst foreign types or not, so leave Uwe Boll alone you elitist cinimatic snobs, you. And so what if he’s “the Teutonic twerp (Eumel) of world cinema”, there is obviously an audience for that kind of stuff, and I’m probably sitting in it. In the audience, I mean. Haven’t had the pleasure to see one of these Boll productions yet, though. I will, though. Or I’ll wait for the book to come out.


“Alles, was Boll mache, sei einfach scheußlich.”