Radical Right-Wing German Soldier Granted Asylum In Germany As Syrian Refugee Turns Out To Be Wannabe Islamist Terrorist

Wait. It gets better. Or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know what to say, people. But only a military counterintelligence service called MAD could come up with a story like this.


A German soldier who falsely registered as a Syrian asylum seeker has been arrested for planning a terror attack. Authorities believe the lieutenant was motivated by xenophobia…

Prosecutors said the man hid a loaded weapon in a bathroom at  Vienna airport in January. He was then briefly arrested by Austrian police when he returned in February to retrieve it.

They later released the soldier due to insufficient evidence. However, the suspect’s fingerprints indicated he had in late 2015 used an alias to falsely register as a Syrian refugee in Germany. In early 2016, he applied for asylum. He was subsequently granted accommodation and even received aid money.

Ein mutmaßlich rechtsradikaler Bundeswehrsoldat, der sich als Flüchtling und Syrer ausgab, soll einen Anschlag geplant haben.

The Brown Army Faction

Get it?

It’s paranoia time. All you need are three or four slobs with weapons (supposedly so well controlled by the state), lots of truly criminal energy and a huge government network of giant law enforcement and security agencies clearly incapable of even knowing that this group exists or what it has been doing for the past 13 years (more effective government control in action) and you’ve got all that you need to turn these killings into a massive, shadowy consipiracy of neo-Nazi sympathizers active throughout said law enforcement and security agencies bent on helping this group and those like them in overthrowing civilized democratic society as we know it.

And all of this has to take place in Germany too, of course. Oh, and I forgot. You also need a big honkin’ fear industry media machine that makes money by selling pre-packaged products like this.

No, “the government” isn’t conspiring with anybody here. It’s just being inefficient, as usual. And the more the government, the more the inefficiency, as usual. So what’s the answer? Why, more government, of course.

“Ging denn bei niemandem die rote Lampe an?”