Pope Latest Victim In Never-Ending German Plagiarism Scandal(s)

Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world by resigning today following allegations in Berlin that his entire bibliography had been plagiarized.


This is now the four-hundred-and-forty-seventh time in the past two years that a high-ranking German politician and/or Pope has been forced to quit over accusations of cheating on doctoral dissertations and/or religious meditations.

“Wow. We’ve had ministers resign here right and left, like freakin’ flies,” one source near Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government said. “But a Pope? Holy Moley!”

“I’ve accepted his resignation heavy-heartedly,” Ms. Merkel is said to have said.

4 responses

  1. Oh, yes, he plans to retire with 7 virgins caring for any wish he might have.
    An islamic friend told him that “…In our (Islamic) heaven we get 72 virgins!”, whereupon the Pope replied “Well, I´m not quite in Heaven yet, but It would be an islamic Hell if all 72 virgins were Catholic nuns!”

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