Speaking Of Gun Control…

Ever notice the emotional reaction you get whenever the subject is brought up (I’m talking about gun control in US-Amerika, of course)? The reaction from both sides of the argument, I mean? You know, these irrational, knee-jerk, pre-programmed reactions driven by fear and hate, totally devoid of logical or critical thinking (as is the case with other issues like abortion, religion, women’s rights, gay rights, etc.)?

And have you ever noticed how Germans like to sit back and smirk at these reactions from their expensive, comfortable and cushy seats way up there on the moral high ground? I know, you probably haven’t. But they do.


Well, take a look at what happens when a well-meaning SPD Gutmensch (do-gooder) suggests that a 120km/h speed limit be put on all German autobahns.

The whole country goes ape shit and that’s that. Punkt. Ende. Aus. “Debate” over in gefühlte (what felt like) five minutes. So I guess the only difference here is that there is no other side to the argument – as is/has been so often the case in Germany.

“Eine absurde, überflüssige Debatte.”

2 responses

  1. No-speed-limits (at least on certain stretches of the Autobahn) seems to be an issue of national pride. “Of course we make the best cars in the world! We need to make the best cars in the world and export them because we have no speed limits…” I’ve actually heard this spoken in some well-informed motoring circles.

    As you point out, cars are as much a part of the German national psyche as guns are to certain Americans.

    No-speed-limits are also a major tourist attraction, I notice. Especially for Dutch drivers, and in my neck of the woods, Austrians.

  2. The same is true of the 500 Euro note to some degree. It’s only there because Germans want it, just like they had a DM500 note. It’s founded entirely in Germans’ impotent rage at being powerless over a complicated, invasive, controlling social and legal complex.

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