Our CO2 Doesn’t Stink

Or maybe it’s green or something. At any rate, Germany just managed to block the adoption of new emissions limits for cars produced in the European Union. This was necessary because, well, this legislation would have handicaped Germany’s automobile industry, focused as it is on the luxury car sector.


Germany has long seen itself as a leader when it comes to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change. Indeed, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government remains committed to radically expanding its reliance on renewable energies in the coming decades.

But when it comes to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases German-made automobiles produce, Berlin is far less ambitious.

“It is a scandal.”

One response

  1. „Wenn wir Kanzleramt und Finanzamt überfallen, finden wir dort nichts außer einem Schuldschein“
    „Ein besseres Land kommt nicht von alleine“ und „Demokratie ist kein Schaukelstuhl“. Now who would say something like that!

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