So That’s What The 19 In COVID-19 Stands For

Duh, I finally get it. It’s the 19 pounds you gain by having to stay home all the time.


Or is it kilos?

Coronavirus: Germans gaining weight during pandemic – A year of lockdowns and working from home appear to be taking their toll on Germans’ waistlines. A new study on health in the country notes an increase in weight gain since the coronavirus pandemic began.


Half Of All Germans Too Fat?

And here you thought that Americans were too fat. And they are.


Ah… screw it. Let’s go out today (Happy Vatertag, Männer) and refocus our thoughts on something more positive and drink a swimming pool of beer! Yee-haw!

Fast ein Drittel der Weltbevölkerung ist übergewichtig oder fettleibig.

Same procedure as every year, men.