No More Wurst Puns

Because this really is the wurst-case scenario.

Is nothing sacred?

When Volkswagen dared to announce this week it will purge currywurst from the menu at one of its canteens in Wolfsburg and serve up meatless alternatives instead, a veritable online food fight broke out.

“Currywurst with French fries is one of the power bars of the skilled production worker. It should stay that way.”

Now That’s Entertainment!

German television style. I like this host.


He goes for the hottest hot sauce (minute 2:30) because he’s that cool and then has to have somebody else take over for him so they can drive him to the hospital.

Nachdem er sich an einem Stück Currywurst mit einer extrem scharfen Würzsauce versucht hatte, musste er die Moderation abbrechen. “” berichtet, dass der 38-Jährige anschließend hinter der Bühne mit Kreislaufversagen zusammengebrochen sei und in ein Krankenhaus gebracht werden musste.

Yeah, but where’s the Currywurst?

To eat, I mean. What is this, people? Berlin opens up the world’s first (and last) Currywurst Museum and the Betreiber (operator) folks don’t even have the decency to offer their guests one (or two) to eat.

Typical Currywurst

They won’t be opening the eating lounge part for another few weeks, you see. But at least for that you can sit on the sausage sofa right now.

“Das ist wieder typisch Berlin!”