German Nationalism Shows Its Ugly Face

By wanting to protect its citizens from incompetent, unelected European bureaucrats.


That’s not very nice. What about European solidarity or, whatever they call it these days? We should all die at the same rate. Equally. I know: We’ll call them rotten Nazis!

Merkel Ally Urges Germany to Circumvent EU on Covid Shots – A senior member of Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc took a swipe at the chancellor’s vaccine strategy, calling for Germany to purchase shots at the national level because the European Union is too slow.

At the current rate, Germany will need 2.8 years to inoculate 75% of the population with a two-dose vaccine.

Kraut ist Out

The new German national stereotypes are in! From the furious citizen to power Ossis, they’re everywhere these days. My personal favorite here is the Bio-Bourgeois (Organic Bourgeois).

“The German Organic Bourgeois still recycle their garbage, but donate about half the amount to charitable organizations that their British counterparts do. The Organic Bourgeois select their own green power providers, carry handmade linen shopping bags and drink their own favorite organic limonade brands, but that’s about it.”

Bio-Bourgeois recyclen ihren Müll, geben jedoch nur halb so viel Spenden für Wohlfahrtsverbände aus wie ihre britischen Pendants. Der Bio-Bourgeois sucht sich einen Ökostromanbieter, trägt eine handgemachte Leinentasche oder trinkt eine Bio-Marken-Limonade, aber mehr auch nicht.