German Of The Day: Dreck Am Stecken

That means there is dirt stuck (to you) somewhere or you have dirt under your carpet – as in having done something wrong or illegal.


You know, like Volkswagen has/does in US-Amerika? The company inserted a device into almost 500,000 cars meant to trick emissions testing, the EPA says. Volkswagen is not denying this.

So the next time Germans begin those tiring lectures about doing more for the Umwelt (another German word meaning environment), remember to make sure and check if their emissions are make-believe or not.

There are almost 500,000 vehicles on American roads with the devices installed, according to the EPA. Volkswagen must now pay to repair the emissions systems in affected cars. The government may also fine the company as much as $18 billion.

3 responses

  1. I find it fascinating that the American justice department is deciding to be very hard line with folks wagon over this. They’re even talking about bringing criminal charges against the CEOs. Oddly, the American car company GMC has recently had a similarly expensive scandal. Only what GMC did was hide a defect in their cars which was killing drivers; and yet no GMC CEOs have gone to jail. I find it slightly hypocritical that they want to go after Volkswagen for something that merely added to pollution while an American car company brother literally has gotten away with murder.

  2. Syrbal: Criminal charges against GM for the ignition switch scandal are still pending.…/gm-likely-to-face-criminal-charges-over-ignition-switches... I want justice for GM myself. My wife and I were driving on beautiful Route 1 on the California coast. When we stopped and returned to our putrid Chevrolet Colbolt (rental car), the ignition switch would not turn. To make things worse, there was no cell phone coverage in the area because the road is shielded by mountains. We were on our own! I finally was able to turn the switch by treating the ingnition lock like a bank safe and finding the “sweet spot.”

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