Clowns Funny After All

It took me forever to finally get how this creepy clown conspiracy stuff works but now I’m laughing my Hintern (behind) off.


I had always found clowns creepy (even the old-school, “normal” kind) and anything but funny but that’s only because nobody had ever explained to me how this works. Once one of these new “horror clowns” shows up to bug you, for instance, you either stab them with a knife or wack them with a hammer. Well that’s how they’re doing it here in Germany. Hardy, har, har! Give me more!

Horror-Clown-Attacke: Junge wehrt sich mit “Hammer Gottes.”

More Senseless Violence

In Germany. In Berlin, as a matter of fact. This time without guns.

Jonny K.

A suspect has pleaded not guilty to the beating death of a young man at Berlin’s central Alexanderplatz train station last October – along with five other men who allegedly helped him – as the victim tried to help a friend who was being attacked.

Criminals are criminals and they don’t need guns (or at least not legally obtained ones) to kill or hurt people like this. And I wouldn’t have even mentioned this with the guns if I hadn’t have seen this article today, reminding me of a recent post about gun control:

Gun violence in US has fallen dramatically over past 20 years, Justice Dept. report finds

As for where crime guns came from, the study notes that less than two percent of convicted inmates reported buying their weapons at gun shows or flea markets. The highest number, 40 percent, said the guns came from a family member or a friend. About 37 percent said the weapons were stolen or obtained from an illegal source. The rest say the guns were bought at a retail store or pawn shop.